Features of obtaining a crypto license in Poland

Payment services include the issuance of accounts, the issue of electronic money, cross-border and domestic transfers, financial exchanges. If the cryptocurrency is a security or a unit in a collective investment scheme, you will need to prepare and submit a prospectus. Anti-money laundering (AML) is clearly regulated – it is clear what is allowed and what is not. A single cryptocurrency license in Poland can be obtained to supply wallet or digital currency exchanger services. Poland has a positive business environment, most of which is provided by the e-residency program. There is no income tax – it is usually replaced by a 20% corporate tax. You can reinvest your profits without taxing, provide cold (offline) and hot (online) storage services. Public key cryptographic methods allow users to send and receive cryptocurrency in Polish jurisdiction without undue risk.

Crypto license types in Poland

There are two types of crypto licenses in Poland specialized – issued by authorized bodies, allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat assets and traditional – needed by companies that provide conventional financial services and additionally work with cryptocurrency: in this case, the exchange of digital assets is regulated only indirectly, along with normal monetary activity. The type of license required depends on the specifics of the cryptocurrency project, as well as on the legal field of the country in which the activity is planned.



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Necessity of crypto license in Poland

Possession of a crypto license gives the owner the opportunity to legally engage in various activities related to digital assets. In the absence of such a document, activity in this area is likely to be illegal, as no one guarantees the rights of clients. The license may be required if you are going to exchange different types of cryptocurrencies for each other and digital currencies for real (fiat) money and back. Store virtual tools owned by clients. Transfer cryptocurrencies between different digital wallets. Any market participant that functions as a p2p cryptocurrency exchanger, issues digital assets, places tokens, performs digital transfers – must act in accordance with the legal requirements that the laws of this country set for digital assets. For example, if the goal of your project is to create a cryptocurrency exchange, then obtaining a crypto license is mandatory.

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How to get a crypto license in Poland

The cryptocurrency license provides a completely legal way to engage in crypto projects and perform various actions with digital assets. Licenses may be specialized or traditional. To get a crypto license in Poland, you need to register a business, open the necessary accounts, hire specialists, prepare hardware and software, collect and submit documents to the regulator. The following is usually required register business in the desired jurisdiction. Open corporate and other necessary accounts. Hire specialists with the required qualifications, especially the AML officer who will combat money laundering and the Compliance officer responsible for customer feedback and communication. Configure hardware and purchase software. Collect the required documentation, submit it to the financial regulator and obtain a license.